Describe the three measures of central tendency Mean Mode and Median

Measures of Central Tendency

Mean. Median, Mode

There are several ways to measure the tendency of a set of data.

The one number that will help describe the set of data. Mean:

The mean is what is popularly known as the average. To compute it we add up all the numbers and divide by the quantity of numbers in the data set.

You have probably heard this when dealing with exams. Many times teachers will speak of the average of an exam or quiz.


The median is the middle number of the data set when the data set is put in order, either ascending or descending.

I prefer to put the data in ascending order but it really does not matter. If you have an odd amount of data the middle number is easy to find. If you have an even amount of data then you add the two middle numbers together and divide by 2. This will be the median.

Mode: The mode is the most frequently occurring piece of data. You may have more than one mode or you may have no mode. You will not have a mode if every piece of data occurs the same amount of times.