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It has been suggested that college students learn more and obtain higher grades in small
classes (40 or less) when compared to large classes (150 or more).
To test this claim, a university assigned a professor to teach a small and a large class of the
same course. At the end of the course, the classes were given the same exam. The following
are the final grade results. Test the claim at an alpha of 0.05.
Sample size 35 170
Sample mean 74.2 71.7
Standard deviation 14 13
H0: μsmalllarge
HA: μsmalllarge
SampTTest and select STATS not data
fill in the appropriate statistics
For μ1:  choose  >
don't pool
a) Sketch the t distribution, indicate your test statistic, and shade the area corresponding
with your p-value.
b) What conclusion should be made?