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Business Organization Speech research project

1.) Select a company with which you are familiar (or are willing to research) and be prepared to deliver an informative speech in which you describe the organizational structure and culture. This may be an organizational hierarchy, a table of organization, mission, vision, etc. When looking at the culture remember to look at mottos, history, heroes, etc. Take into account aspects discussed in the text.

2.) You also need to look at forms of communication occurring. This means you will need to analyze internal (upward, downward and horizontal) and external (customer service lines, advertising, web and social media, etc.) communication happening in and around the company. 

3.) Finally, you should evaluate communication strengths and/or weaknesses and give your suggestions for improvements. 

Speakers should visually display support for their claims where appropriate (think statistics, images, charts). The visuals should complement, not dominate or replace the verbal message. Effective visuals make a difference—be strategic. Utilize information in the text and resources on D2L regarding visual aids.