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A lecture hall has 200 seats with folding arm​ tablets, 24 of which are designed for​ left-handers. The typical size of classes that meet there is 194, and we can assume that about 14​% of students are​ left-handed. Use a Normal approximation to find the probability that a​ right-handed student in one of these classes is forced to use a lefty arm tablet.

Binomial distribution has mu  = n*p 
and standard deviation =  sigma = sqrt( npq )​, where n is the number of​ trials, p is the probability of​ success, and q is the probability of failure. Be sure to use a continuity correction.

Find the probability that x is greater or equal to 177. 

When using a continuous model to model a set of discrete​ events, it is necessary to make
an adjustment called the continuity correction. In this​ case, since x = 
177​, when the continuity correction is​ applied, the probability of interest is ​P(X is Greater than or equals

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