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As the new manager of a small convenience​ store, you want to understand the shopping patterns of your customers. You randomly sample 20 purchases from​ yesterday's records. The amounts of those purchases​ (in dollars) are shown to the right.

38.97 93.45 40.68 47.76 50.47
37.51 5.66 74.65 38.6 11.58
56.58 34.37 32.5 47.18 31.38
21.51 82.66 64.26 47.62 65.57


Describe the distribution of this data. 

Observe the histogram above depicts a unimodal distribution that is skewed to the right and the mode of the data is around 30. 

About normality?

A distribution is symmetric if the two halves on either side of the center look approximately like mirror images of each other. If one tail stretches out farther than the​ other, the distribution is said to be skewed to the side of the longer tail.

Therefore, I would say that this distribution is approximately symmetric with some skewness to the right.

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