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As the new manager of a small convenience​ store, you want to understand the shopping patterns of your customers. You randomly sample 20 purchases from​ yesterday's records. The amounts of those purchases​ (in dollars) are shown to the right.

40.88 75.95 42.55 47.14 51.06
37.24 5.02 73.6 38.96 11.8
57.04 34 32.27 47.64 32.11
21.67 82.97 64.08 46.31 65.32

Complete the Questions that follow. 

a) Make a histogram of the data using a bar width of​ $20. Choose the correct histogram below.


b. Make a histogram of the data using a bar width of​ $10.

The same procedure as above can be applied and the correct histogram obtained in Excel. 

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The histogram for this data can be developed using Excel, first create a column of values that will act as the bins, 

0 20
20 40
40 60
60 80
80 100


After this, create another column and name it frequency, this will hold the number of observations that are less than the upper value in the bin columns. 

Use the Excel frequency function to determine the number of values that fall within each category.  {=FREQUENCY(A1:A20,D3:D7)}

The Frequency function takes the parameters 1: data array and bin array. 

  bins freq
0 20 2
20 40 6
40 60 7
60 80 4
80 100 1

Use Excel to Create a bar chart of the above data and decrease the gap width to zero. 

The histogram above is for the data above with a width of $2o used. 

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