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Which of these situations fit the conditions for using Bernoulli​ trials? Explain.

​a) You are rolling 7 dice and need to get at least three 6s to win the game.
​b) We record the distribution of ages of customers visiting our website.
​c) A committee consisting of 8 men and 12 women selects a delegation of 5 to attend a professional meeting at random. What is the probability they choose all​ women?

​d) A study found that 58​% of M.B.A. students admit to cheating. A business school dean surveys all the students in the graduating class and gets responses in which cheating was admitted by 329 of 508 students.

it is important to identify the conditions for Bernoulli trial before answering the Questions. 


The conditions for a Bernoulli trial are given below. Determine how the situation can be described using trials and then check all the conditions.

There are only two possible outcomes​ (called success and​ failure) for each trial.

The probability of​ success, denoted​ p, is the same on every trial.

The trials are independent.


Yes, all the conditions are met.


No, there are more than two possible outcomes.


No, multiple trials are not independent.

No, there are two​ outcomes, but the probability changes with each trial.


Yes, all the conditions are met.



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