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a) what is the probability that if you select one marble it will be orange? ( round to 2 decimal places)

b) what is the probability that if you select 2 marbles (one at a time without replacement) the first will be green and the second will be blue?

c) What is the probability that you select a red or a blue marble?

The total sample space is = 48

probability that an orange marble is selected is 15/48 = 0.31 (2 dc.)


Probablity (Green and the Blued) = 12/48*7/47 =  0.04 (d dc), the sample space reduced to 47 after the first marble has been selected,


The probability of selecting a Red or a blue Marble,

x = 14 + 7 =  21

Probability (Red or Blue) = 21/48  = 0.44 (to two decimal places)

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