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Using the data below. Answer the following questions. Use Total fat as the x-variable and calories as the y. Round to 2 decimal places.

  Fat calories
Hamburger 9 260
Cheeseburger 13 320
Quarter Pounder 21 420
Quarter Pounder with Cheese 30 530
Big Mac 31 560
Arch Sandwich Special 31 550
Arch Special with Bacon 34 590
Crispy Chicken  25 500
Fish Fillet  28 560
Grilled Chicken 20 440
Grilled Chicken Light 5 300

What is the line of best fit?

Is this a good fit? How do you know?

Is the correlation positive or negative?

What does the r-squared mean in context of the problem?

If a sandwich has 32 grams of fat, how many total calories will it have?

The summary results for this question has been obtained using the Excel data analysis Toolpak. 


so based on the output above, the regression equation predicting calories using Fat content can be obtained as;-

calories = 193.85 + 11.731 * Calories

The correlation is positive because the slope coefficient is positive, 

The R squared for the model is 0.95, which means 95% of the variation in calories can be explained by the fat content. 

The regression equation is;-

Calories = 193.85 + 11.731 *32 =  569.24


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