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A team of researchers analyzed the meat from each in a sample of 17 "red snapper" fish fillets purchased from vendors across a region in an effort to estimate the true proportion of fillets that are really red snapper. DNA tests revealed that 15 of the 17 fillets (or 88%) were not red snapper but a cheaper look-alike variety of fish. Complete parts a through c.

a. The parameter "pi" is the true proportion of fish fillets that are actually red snapper.


b. Explain why it is not appropriate to use a confidence interval in this study. Choose the correct answer below.

C. The population (true) proportion of fish fillets that are actually red snapper is ___ . (Use 2 decimal places rounded.)

The normal distribution cannot be used because the observations are used are less than 30, therefore the requirement of normally distributed data is not met. pi - the sample statistic is used to estimate the population proportion. 

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