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If a hypothesis test were conducted using a=0.10, for which of the following p-values would the null hypothesis be rejected?

a. 0.11

b. 0.025

a. What is the conclusion for a p-value of 0.11?
b. What is the conclusion for a p-value of 0.025?


The criteria for rejecting the null hypothesis based on the p-value approach is determined by whether the probability value associated with the test statistics present sufficient evidence that the results can be observed by chance given similar sampling procedure on the same population. And so the null hypothesis is rejected whenever the p-value of the test statistic is smaller than the specified alpha.  When the null hypothesis is rejected in favor of the alternative, we say that there is no treatment effect

Given a test statistic conducted at the 0.10 level of significance, all the null hypotheses with p-values less than 0.10 are rejected.  Therefore, test statistics with p-value of 0.025 is rejected and that with 0.11 is not rejected.  

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