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Your data visualization

Based on the data you are writing about in your article (last week and two upcoming weeks), create a visualization and embed it into your blog. Submit a link to your blog on Moodle. This visualization will be included into your article next week. You can use one of the sites below to create it. It doesn't need to be an advanced visualization, but it needs to have

  • Clear Headings and Keys
  • Obvious Trends
  • Simple Analysis
  • Relevant Comparisons
  • Lots of Data/Evidence
  • Summaries of Key Points
  • Add design elements
  • Consolidated Information

You can use any software program below to create your visualization

Hey, I wrote the first suggestion on this forum so please be patient when reading. Considerations should first be drawn about your data - whether it has multiple variables, and whether numerical and/or categorical variables exist.

1) You may start by asking several questions that directly relate to the data that require you to find quantile values, maximum, minimum, outliers, etc. Then, you can add boxplot, violinplot to the blog and interpret the findings

2) You may find out the correlation among the variables by using heatmap

3) You may see the percentage allocation of samples that are of different categories using an interactive Pie Chart

4) If your data is time-related, you may consider drawing Gantt charts, which can show the expected completion date of different jobs, and the dependencies between jobs.

5) If your data include geodata, then you can draw a choropleth map to show the intensity of certain incident in different geographical areas.

Hope these suggestions may add two cents on starting to create your visualization blog. Hope to hear good news from you.

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