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Communication research discussion 14.2

Post each of your final hypotheses, along with the following information for each (1 point per question per hypothesis):

  1. What is the IV, and is it discrete or continuous? What is the DV, and is it discrete or continuous?
  2. Based on the information provided in the previous Resource: Which Test?, what type of test do you think will be run for this hypothesis?

I will reply on or about Saturday, December 3rd with your final statistical results.  After that, come back and reply to your own post with a follow up, answering the following questions (2 points per question):

  1. Were the statistical tests that were actually run the ones that you came up with in your original post?
  2. If you got either of them wrong, why do you think that was?  Do you now have a full understanding of how to determine which test to run, or do you still have questions about this?

Finally, come back to this discussion later and read through your classmates’ responses (including their follow-up posts).  Post a thoughtful reply to one of them (2 points). 

Discussion Requirements:

  • Post your response here by 11:59 pm EST on Friday, December 2nd
  • Post your follow up post, and a thoughtful reply to one classmate, by 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, December 4th