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Discussion 13 2

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Discussion 13 2

After completing the previous Resource: Using Probability to Test Hypotheses, address the following questions in your post (2 points per question):

  1. Probability is a very useful tool in many arenas, not just weather and asteroid projection.  It is also not perfect or always accurate.  Can you think of any other examples in which probability is used to make predictions? How is probability used in this example, and what might be the consequences if it is wrong?
  2. It is important to understand what the null hypothesis is.  List one of your final hypotheses for the quantitative project, and the write the null version of it, the one that will actually be tested with statistics.
  3. Is there anything that is still confusing to you about probability and hypothesis testing? Provide any lingering questions or thoughts on this topic.

Then, come back to this discussion later and read through your classmates’ responses.  Post a thoughtful reply to two of them (2 points per reply). 

Discussion Requirements:

  • Post your response here by 11:59 pm EST on Friday, November 18th
  • Post a thoughtful reply to two classmates by 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, November 20th