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Discussion 12.1

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Discussion 12.1

After completing the previous Activity: Taking Surveys, address the following questions in your post (2 points per question):

  1. What were three problems that stuck out most to you with the questions when taking the "bad" survey?  How do you think the wording of these questions, and their response options, might negatively affect the data that is collected?
  2. How were these problems improved upon in the second survey?  Can you think of any other possibilities for how they might be improved?
  3. What are some variables that could be measured with this survey? Try to come up with at least two.

Then, come back to this discussion later and read through your classmates’ responses.  Post a thoughtful reply to two of them (2 points per reply). 

Discussion Requirements:

  • Post your response here by 11:59 pm EST on Friday, November 11th
  • Post a thoughtful reply to two classmates by 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, November 13th