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Texas Workforce Commission Case Study

Texas is home to more than one million undocumented immigrants, and most of them are stuck in low-paying jobs. Meanwhile, the state also suffers from a lack of skilled workers. The Texas Workforce Commission estimates that 133,000 jobs are currently unfilled, many because employers cannot find qualified applicants (The Boston Globe, September 29, 2011). Texas was the first state to pass a law that allows children of undocumented immigrants to pay in-state college tuition rates if they have lived in Texas for three years and plan to become permanent residents. The law passed easily back in 2001 because most legislators believed that producing college graduates and keeping them in Texas benefits the business community. In addition, since college graduates earn more money, they also provide the state with more revenue. Raymond Holt, who sits on the Board of Directors for the Texas Workforce Commission suggests the board should hire your consulting firm, Stat Solutions, to estimate the mean hourly wage of workers with various levels of education. You accept the job and a sample is collected of the hourly wages of 30 Texas workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher, 30 Texas workers with only a high school diploma, and 30 Texas workers who did not finish high school. Mr. Holt wants you to provide a full report for him to present at the next meeting of the Texas Workforce Commission Board of Directors which occurs in 10 days.

Requirements and Associated Point Values

Requirement 1: Calculate and use descriptive statistics to compare hourly wages for each of the education levels. Be sure to include the mean, standard deviation, and margin of error with 95% confidence for each of the 3 levels (9 calculations). These calculations range in value from 3-4 points each for a total of 33 points. Note: See page 293 for the margin of error formula. (See Requirement 3 for more information about calculations.)

Requirement 2: Construct and interpret 95% confidence intervals for the mean hourly wage at each education level. There should be an upper and lower number for each of the 3 levels. The end result should be 6 numbers which are valued at 3 points each for a total of 18 points. (See Requirement 3 for more information about calculations.)

Requirement 3: Use Excel functions for the majority of your calculations. A total of 25 points are allocated to your calculations and the use of Excel. Your instructor will review the cells to find/confirm your formulas and summations. Excel is a great tool that will serve you well in your future endeavors.

Requirement 4: Write up your findings in report form. In your report, discuss the difference between the statistics (mean, etc.). What do you find? Does education seem to make a difference?

Remember these are dollar value wages. Please note: you are expected to use proper statistical terminology when appropriate but keep in mind that you are writing for a group who may not be as knowledgeable about statistics as you are. You must be sure they can understand your findings while also writing a professional report. This portion of the case study is valued at 39 points. Of those points, 14 will be allocated to proper grammar and spelling.

Data File and Grading Rubric: The data file for the case study is in the Excel spreadsheet attached to the Case Study assignment and titled “Texas Workforce Commission Data.” The grading rubric the PDF file attached to the Case Study assignment and titled “GBA305 – Case Study Grading Rubric.” Submission Link and Due Date: The submission link is located in the “Case Study” folder in the “Assignments” section of Blackboard. Please refer to the Course Schedule for the assignment due date.