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statistics expert to help with analysis of movie tasks

For this project, imagine that you are a Hollywood film producer who is trying to pitch an idea for a movie to studio executives. Obviously, the studio will be more likely to fund a movie that is more likely to make money. Thus, you are going to use statistics to convince them that the movie you are making is likely to produce a large profit. Your project will be evaluated on your quality use of data analysis and statistical summary as well as your creativity and organization.
The project itself will consist of a PowerPoint presentation with no fewer than 11 slides (see suggested organization below). The presentation should include all of the necessary statistical information and no fewer than 3 different statistical methods (correlation, ANOVA, etc.). The presentation needs to be creative and include pictures, gifs, and other design cues. Keep in mind, you are trying to sell someone on the strength of your idea and this PowerPoint is to be your main tool. The film cannot be a remake of an existing movie. It can, however, be a sequel to an existing movie or an adaptation from a book. Use the attached files as a guide.
Suggested Organization:
Slide 1: Title (including name of film and your name)
Slide 2: Brief synopsis (kind of like a trailer)
Slide 3: Genre (statistical analysis comparing the profitability of genres)
Slide 4: Genre (examples of profitable films from that genre)
Slide 5: Run time (statistical analysis comparing run time and profitability)
Slide 6: Run time (examples of profitable films around the proposed run time)
Slide 7: Rating (statistical analysis comparing the profitability of ratings)
Slide 8: Rating (examples of profitable with that rating)
Slide 9: Budget (statistical analysis of the relationship between budget and prostyle)
Slide 10: Budget (examples of movies with similar budgets)
Slide 11: Film ending
Slide 12: References (optional, depending on content.