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Writing Assignment

Session #2:   Writing Assignment

Before posting your writing assignment essay, it's probably a very good idea to review the document detailing submission guidelines. That's posted in the Session 2 module:  How to Post the Weekly Writing Assignment

This week you have three options. Choose one only. If you have an interest in writing about the other issues as well, why not take that over to the regular discussion forum?


Option #1

To what extent do the accounts of MacIntyre, Bellah et al., and Newton support a generalized relativism i.e. a relativism that spreads always and everywhere?


Option #2

McGinn argues strongly that speciesism is analogous to racism and sexism, true? Why is he so interested in making those analogies stick? To what extent is he successful in that?

Option #3

How do you imagine a proponent of the Divine Command Theory of Morality responding to the sorts of considerations amassed by Singer and Sagan? After all, theistic moralists certainly have noticed at least some of the phenomena Singer and Sagan allude to: everyone has. Details aside, it certainly can’t be news that mother chimps, for example, care for baby chimps, true?