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resit paper section three

In this part of the assignment, you will need to use the data file labelled ERM - Assignment
010- resit datafile .sav. The file contains raw data from the study outlined below. Use this
data to answer the questions below. This Section is worth 30 points.
A researcher administered a questionnaire to adults with an autism spectrum disorder to
investigate variables associated with the severity of meltdowns reported by the participants.
Each participant was asked to rate the severity of their meltdowns on a 10-point scale, with 1
being not severe and 10 being very severe. The following measures were used in the study:
Predictor variables
• The Autism Quotient (AQ) measures the severity of autism traits, with higher scores
indicating more autistic traits (SPSS label: AQ_TOTAL)
• Becks Anxiety index (BAI) measures the level of anxiety experienced over a twoweek period. The higher the score, the higher the level of anxiety (SPSS label:
• The Sensory Processing Quotient (SPQ) measures the level of sensory disturbance
experienced, with high scores indicating higher levels of sensory disturbance (SPSS
label: SPQ_Total).
Outcome variable
The researchers asked participants to rate the severity of their meltdowns on a 10-point Likert
scale with the anchor points of 1 (not severe) and 10 (very severe) (SPSS label: Severity

To work through the questions below, you will need to conduct a multiple regression.
1. Write a short paragraph explaining how your data met the assumptions for multiple
regression. What tests/inspections did you conduct/carry out, and what were the
results? (Note that some data points may slightly exceed the leverage point but these
cases should be left in the analysis)
(7 points)
2. Report the relevant descriptive statistics in an APA formatted table. You will not be
using gender in the analysis, but we would like the table to include the descriptive
statistics for both male and female participants.
(5 points)
3. Run the multiple regression and report the results fully (5 points), including an APA
formatted table of the results (5 points) include only AQ, BAI and SPQ as the
predictor variables.
4. Write the regression equation which predicts the severity level of meltdowns.
(3 points)
5. A clinic would like to know how they could reduce meltdown severity in patients
with autism. Based on the findings of your multiple regression, what would you
advise them (150 words)? (5 points)