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resit paper component one

An educational psychologist believes that an individual’s reading speed (in words per
minute) and general comprehension abilities (scored out of 10) may be related to how
well they do on a timed exam. To study the relative importance of these variables and
the association between them, she runs a multiple regression. She produces the
following predictive model for exam score:
Exam Score = 7.78 + (0.10*Reading Speed) + (5.77*Comprehension)
What exam score would you expect students to achieve if they have a reading speed
of 300 w.p.m. and a comprehension score of 7?
a. 66.44
b. 16483
c. 78.17
d. 63.17

A private education company proposed an intervention programme to a school. The
programme is designed to lower anxiety in children. The programme would take up a
significant amount of the school’s budget. The education company provided the
results of a study showing that anxiety levels decreased in their intervention group
compared to a control group of children. The results of the t-test are t(6764) =
2.30, p =.02, d = .04. Given this result, what should the school do?
a. Instigate the intervention programme because it resulted in a statistically significant
decrease in anxiety.
b. Decline the programme because the results of the study were not statistically
c. Decline the programme because it had only a marginal impact on new word
d. Decline the programme because the sample size of the study was very small.