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1218 - PSY3215 - exam 3 question eight

A manager wants to raise productivity at his company by increasing the speed at which his employees can use a spreadsheet program. As he does not have the skills in-house, he employs an external agency which provides training in this spreadsheet program. They offer 3 packages: a beginner course, an intermediate course, and an advanced course. He is unsure which course is needed for the type of work they do at his company, so he sends 10 employees to the beginner course, 10 to the intermediate course and 10 to the advanced course. When they all return from the training he gives them a problem to solve using the spreadsheet program and measures how long it takes them to complete the problem. He wishes to then compare the three courses (beginner, intermediate, advanced) to see if there are any differences in the average time it took workers to complete the problem. Below are the descriptive statistics for the study (the mean is based on time in seconds to complete the problem):