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Answer Questions

5.1. In a study by Dr. L.G. Kuan (1999) on the functional ability of the patients myasthenia gravis, write a textual presentation for the following data.


Sample:                       Selected patients

Sample size:                10

Sex:                             all Female

                                    7 College Students

Education:                   3 High School Students


Treatment:                  4 Thymectomized

                                    6 not Thymectomized

Medication:                Mestinon 1 tab BID

                                    Prednisone 2 tab OD

                                    Nebulizer PRN

Complaints:                 Ptosis in one of the eyes


                                    Once in a while respiratory complaints

Problems:                    Financial





5.2.  Present the data in SAQ 5-1 into tabular form. Be sure you label your table.




Construct a vertical bar graph for the following table that shows the need for health care in 1999. Include a write-up.

            Needing Health Care                     Amount of care needed in%

            Older persons                                      98%

            Old adult                                                         62%

            Young adult                                                     20%

            Adolescents                                                     30%

            Children                                                          75%

            Infants                                                             100%

            Neonates                                                         100%



Construct a horizontal bar chart for the following data on faculty savings as of July 1999. Include a write-up.

            Faculty                                      Amount Saved

            Dr. Lido                                                            201,000

            Dr. Nola                                                           122,600

            Dr. Mino                                                          117,200

            Dr. Temon                                                       160,000

            Dr. Liton                                                          365,000          

              Dr. Wajo                                                         180,000


The following table classifies enrollment at the Yin-Yang University for SY 1998-1999. Draw a pie chart. (to find the percent equivalent, divide each entry by the total enrollment and round off your answers).


                                    Major                                      Enrollment

                                   Nursing                                            606

                                      Medicine                                         859

                                      Dentistry                                         702

                                      Pharmacy                                        495

                                      Allied Health                                   527_

                                      Total                                     3,189