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Chapter nine Pause Problems



(NOIR). For this first Pause-Problem, I want you to come up with four dependent variables, one related to each NOIR level. You can use your lab study if you like (but you cannot use any of the examples that I used in this lecture presentation)!


    What is your nominal variable?

    What is your ordinal variable?

    What is your interval variable?

    What is your ratio variable?


(Central Tendency). For this Pause Problem, first tell me how to calculate the mean, median, and mode. Second, tell me under what circumstances you would want to use each


(Outliers). We saw earlier in this presentation that high or low outliers can screw up the mean score. I want you to come up with two possible ways that you can reduce the impact of outliers. This one is tough, so feel free to get creative!


(Pop Quiz). For your last Pause-Problem, I want YOU to write a multiple choice pop-quiz question based on the content of this chapter. I might use your question on a future pop quiz or actual course exam (though not this semester), so make it good! Make sure to include your correct answer and up to five possible answers!