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Test the claim about the population mean, mu , at the given level of significance using the given sample statistics.
Claim: p =50; alpha = 0.09, sigma = 3.58. Sample statistics : x_bar = 49.3, n = 61
Identify the null and alternative hypotheses. Choose the correct answer below.

A. Ho: u<50> Ha:  u=50 

C. Ho u=50
Ha: u<50>

E. Ho: u > 50
Ha: p=50

B. Ho: != 50
Ha: p=50 

D. Ho: u = 50
Ha:p> 50 

F. Ho: u = 50
Ha: u # 50

Calculate the standardized test statistic.
The standardized test statistic is  ++ . (Round to two decimal places as needed.)
Determine the critical value(s). Select the correct choice below and fill in the answer box to complete your choice.
(Round to two decimal places as needed.)
A. The critical values are  __.

The critical value is

What is the outcome of this hypothesis testing process?